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We Take Shopify Development to the Next Level

We partner with e-commerce agencies to provide World-Class expert Shopify developers. Whether you're looking to expand your bandwidth, or struggling with your current deliverables, talk to us and we'll turn things around. Let's do a free trial to make sure we're the right fit for you.

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Why Choose Us

Partnering with Agencies for Unmatched Quality and Efficiency

At Rivka Development, we understand the challenges marketing and other agencies face - from managing costs effectively to overcoming poor-quality deliverables and unclear project management processes.

Our commitment is to provide:

  1. Cost-Effective Solutions: Streamlined development processes that save you time and money without compromising quality.
  2. Assured Quality Deliverables: Our team ensures each project meets the highest standards, delivering excellence consistently.
  3. Clear Expectations and Management: Transparent communication and structured project management for smooth, predictable outcomes.

A Trusted Technology Partner for

Shopify Agencies

We work closely with Shopify agencies to align their client's business goals and marketing strategies with our technical expertise, enabling them to deliver high-quality Shopify stores that drive growth and success. Providing a range of custom solutions to tailor standard Shopify stores to unique client needs, integrating complex functionality and boosting performance.

Shopify Plus Stores

We collaborate closely with Shopify stores' internal marketing teams to understand their goals and objectives. We provide the technical expertise and support needed to execute their marketing plan effectively and efficiently. Integrating Shopify stores with powerful apps that can unlock advanced functionality, increase conversion rates, and boost customer satisfaction.

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We SimplifyComplexity

Real Challenges, Innovative Solutions

  1. Variant Level Discounts

    Faced with the need for custom discounts, we developed a bespoke Shopify app, enabling tailored discounting at the variant level.

  2. Custom Embedded Forms

    We overcame the challenge of integrating forms by creating a custom liquid section, allowing easy embedding through the Shopify customizer.

  3. Organizing Color Swatches

    To distinguish "sale" from "regular" variants, we customized the product template code, incorporating a unique class based on variant meta fields.

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Our Process

Structured Approach for Optimal Results

  1. Initiation and Planning

    We begin by understanding your needs and outlining a strategic plan.

  2. Execution

    Implementing the plan with precision and efficiency.

  3. Monitoring

    Continual tracking to ensure the project stays on course.

  4. QA and Testing

    Rigorous testing to guarantee flawless functionality.

  5. Maintenance and Fixing

    Ongoing support to ensure enduring performance and adaptability.

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Our Services

As a full-service Shopify development agency, we offer a complete range of services to boost your online store's performance. From custom theme and app development to optimizing site speed and user experience, we ensure your Shopify platform is not just functional but also fast and efficient.

Each of these services is crafted to meet the unique needs of your Shopify store, ensuring that every aspect of your e-commerce presence is optimized for success.

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Bridging Borders with Seamless Communication and Cultural Synergy

Unified Through Diversity

At Rivka Development, we pride ourselves on our culturally diverse team, spanning across Latin America - from Argentina to Venezuela, to Mexico. This diversity is not just our strength but also a strategic advantage for your business. We understand the nuances of both Latin American and North American markets, enabling us to bridge cultural gaps and offer unique perspectives that enrich your e-commerce solutions.

Effortless Bilingual Collaboration in Your Time Zone

Understanding the challenges of remote collaboration, we prioritize effective and transparent communication. Our team is proficient in cross-cultural communication, ensuring that no detail is lost in translation. We leverage advanced collaboration tools and adjust our working hours to overlap with your time zone, guaranteeing responsiveness and smooth project flow. With us, geographical borders fade away, making way for seamless collaboration and understanding.

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Our Portfolio



Dovetail ecommerce, made with Shopify, Stripe for payments, Shipping integration and more.

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Trusted Digitalization Partner

Working with Rivka is a breeze. They're fast-paced, in sync with our team, and deliver quality results. Overall they've been a great partner.

Phil Brand

Nova Horizons

Everyone at Rivka have blown me away with their capabilities. I have continued to add more projects to automate and streamline our businesses as we expand. They have even helped me create a number of market-ready Software products that we are currently refining at a fast pace. Thank you Rivka!

Ryan Wallin DDS


Over the years Rivka has been an invaluable partner of ours, providing us with exceptional technical support and development staffing solutions. Their expertise and dedication in the web development space makes them a key asset to our organization and we are delighted to recommend them.

Alex Delacruz

Orbit Investments