Rivka Development

Rivka in a nutshell:
World-Class Software Development Services on Time & Budget

Our Belief:
Build Something Today You will be Proud of Tomorrow

Our Team

  • Manuel García

    Manuel García

    Founder & CEO

    Manuel has founded various businesses in the technology sector. With 15 years in the industry, he leads the Rivka team for excellence and client satisfaction.

    Traveling, Reading
  • Joel Sanchez

    Joel Sanchez


    Highly accomplished COO and Director of Operations with 18+ years of experience driving growth, efficiency, and excellence. Expert in tech, budget, strategy, leadership, and bilingual communication. Adept at optimizing operations, fostering growth, and abilities with a focus on employee development.

    Playing Basketball
  • Maggie Alonso

    Maggie Alonso

    Head of People Operations

    An individual with a growth-oriented mindset and a passion for creativity. She enjoys listening to people's stories, reading about gender and social studies, eating snacks and peanuts, and learning new things daily.

    Painting, Art, Board games
  • Hannia Mojica

    Hannia Mojica

    Head of Marketing

    A quality-oriented marketer, who loves learning, being a leader, and a great design. Passionate about gaming, music, and pets.

    Video games, Piano, Photography, Family
  • Juan Nieblas

    Juan Nieblas

    Head of Technology

    Juan has solid experience in software development and a deep passion for cybersecurity. His greatest skill lies in problem-solving. His remarkable adaptability, combined with his constant drive to learn and explore new technologies, allows him to tackle any challenge easily.

    Photography, Chess, Entomology
  • Germán Nochebuena

    Germán Nochebuena

    Head of Ecommerce

    An individual with a solution-oriented philosophy and passion for growth and team collaboration processes. He finds joy in building systems that help managers and members get the best results possible with a smart work approach. He loves morning coffees, board gaming with friends, and video/PC gaming.

    Piano, LEGO sets, Taekwondo, Anime

Our Vision

Rivka as a LatAm Technology Powerhouse

The Technology Powerhouse in Latin America

Our vision is to become the Technology Powerhouse in Latin America (LATAM), we seek to stand out for our ability to generate exceptional value for our clients. Our commitment is to be proactive in the constant search for innovative solutions. We recognize that our greatest wealth is our people and, therefore, we owe it to them.

On this journey towards technological excellence, we will never lose sight of the human side of the business. We want to provide not only a great experience for our customers but also for our employees. Internal and external communication and teamwork will always be a fundamental pillar of our business culture, allowing us all to be aligned in our objectives and values.

Team with values

Understanding and Effective Collaboration

Our vision is a call to be technology leaders, not only through our technical capabilities but also through our understanding of human needs and our commitment to effective collaboration and humane treatment in all our business relationships.

Together, we are building a future where technology combines with empathy and communication to achieve extraordinary results on a global scale.

Rivka meeting

Our Values

  • We create amazing experiences for our customers.

    We put our customers at the center of everything we do. From deeply understanding their needs, to doing everything in our capacity to exceed their expectations, we focus on building strong and enduring relationships. Remember: every task you perform contributes to our customers' satisfaction and success.

  • We are held accountable to our promise.

    We are committed to our reliability and maintaining a results-driven and problem-solving mindset. We embrace every challenge as an opportunity to learn and adapt. Our dedication to accountability drives us to consistently innovate and ensure our customer's happiness and success.

  • We uphold our commitment to integrity.

    We do the right thing even when no one is looking. It is essential to be transparent and reliable in every interaction to build trust among team members.

  • We have fun and take pride in what we do.

    Would you work in a place where people don't smile and nobody likes to have fun? Neither would we!

Why Choose Us


We quickly adapt to requirements, employing agile methodologies, making the development process flexible and transparent

Cost Effective

Our final product is not just software that works, it is software that sells itself.


Although we take care of planning, analysis, development, and product launch, we also value client input.

Ongoing Support

Our commitment is to provide ongoing support and assistance after deployment.

Let's Build Code.
Let's Create Moments

We are focused on delivering meaningful software solutions for web, ecommerce and desktop and building teams across top technology platforms.

But above all - at our company friendliness is at the core of how we operate.

Hi, world!

Software development does not involve just programming. It requires a team of professionals with diverse skill sets and high working ethos.

Our Metrics Speak for Themselves